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MegaVision Imaging Products

As the leader in the development and definition of professional quality digital image capture for over 20 years, MegaVision is credited with many of today's industry standards.

Such innovations as Live Video Focus, three-pass RGB capture, Color Coded Light Metering™, and high-resolution digital capture on the back of a view camera pioneered by MegaVision have become mainstays in commercial photography.   Uncompromising quality, creative innovation, and unflagging customer support will continue to define the MegaVision difference for the commercial photographer.


MegaVision Digital Cameras


The E7 is based on Kodak's 4-tap, 50 Megapixel KAF-50100 CCD and features sustained captures of 50 Mpixel images at about 1.2 seconds per frame via a Camera Link or Gigabit Ethernet interface to the host computer.

E7 description and specifications



The E6 is MegaVision’s 39 Mega-Pixel solution to uncompromising medium format digital image capture. 

E6 description and specifications



The E4 is built around a  36mm square, 16 megabytes (4096 x 4096)  full-frame CCD.  Its 9 micron pixels provides excellent dynamic range and good resolution. 

E4 description and specifications



The sensor of the E427-i is an 11 megabytes, 4000 X 2700, full 35mm form factor (24mm X 36mm) with integrated electronic shutter.   Because it includes an integrated electronic shutter and live focus, it can be a complete camera system with the simple addition of a 35mm lens. 

E427-i description and specifications



The E2-i is a 4 megabytes back which, because it includes an integrated electronic shutter and live focus, can be a complete camera system with the simple addition of a lens. 

E2-i description and specifications


Triple-Shot Color Wheel

The first professional quality color digital images were created by sequentially capturing  3 monochrome images through 3 color filters.  MegaVision has reprised this concept with a new USB controlled filter wheel. 

N-Shot Capture Triple-Shot Color Wheel description and specifications


Multi-Spectral Capture

The professional photographer who demands perfection knows very well how much time is spent performing color corrections.  MegaVision has developed a revolutionary approach with N-Shot Multi-Spectral Capture to solve this previously intractable problem.

N-Shot Multi-Spectral Capture description and specifications

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