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MegaVision Imaging Products

N-Shot Capture

It is commonly recognized, if not grudgingly admitted, that a single-shot color image capture is a compromise of convenience.  While a single shot image capture is indeed convenient, it is fraught with compromise that often results in less than perfect quality as well as increased overall production costs, particularly if high image quality and good color fidelity are desired.  Such problems as filter factor differences, under-sampling color and luminance artifacts of decaled (such as Bayer pattern) sensors, and filter mismatch to CIE color space are well known.

By capturing multiple images of a scene, the problems inherent in single-shot image capture may be overcome.  The provision is, of course, that both the scene and the camera must remain stationery throughout the image capture.  

Triple-Shot Color Wheel

The first professional quality color digital images were created by sequentially capturing  3 monochrome images through 3 color filters.  MegaVision has reprised this concept with a new USB controlled filter wheel.  The color filter wheel is completely integrated into PhotoShoot software and works with any copal shutter/technical camera combination.  When integrated with MegaVision’s AutoStop digitally controlled shutter and aperture, a seamless and highly efficient solution to very high quality image capture and equally high production workflow is enabled.  MegaVision’s color wheel is a 4-position wheel which utilizes selected gel filters.  It is controlled and powered through USB.  The wheel is attached to the lens board and is quickly and easily removed and attached to accommodate lens changes.  When used with the AutoStop shutter, completely automated capture and control is enabled.  A complete triple-shot image may be captured in less than 10 seconds.


Another Option Is MegaVision's N-Shot Multi-Spectral Capture

The professional photographer who demands perfection knows very well how much time is spent performing color corrections.  MegaVision has developed a revolutionary approach with N-Shot Multi-Spectral Capture to solve this previously intractable problem.

N-Shot Multi-Spectral Capture description and specifications