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MegaVision Imaging Products

MegaVision was first to demonstrate that the quality of retinal images capture by a digital camera could match and even exceed the image quality of those captured on film. 

MegaVision’s digital backs have since been the high-quality choice of leading system integrators providing comprehensive digital solutions for retinal photography.   MegaVision’s suite of image capture and image processing software routines facilitate integration into clinical software solutions. Through continuous refinement and innovation, MegaVision’s digital backs continue to provide the highest quality image solutions for retinal photography. 


MegaVision Ophthalmology Cameras


The E1-i-RIC (Retinal Image Capture)  digital camera back is designed exclusively for non-mydriatic capture of retinal images with low power xenon flash illuminant. 

E1-i-RIC description and specifications



The E2-i RIC is a 4 Mega-Pixel back which is optimized for use in fundus photography. 

E2-i-RIC description and specifications



The E3 is  both the image quality  leader of Fluoresceine angiography and  the workhorse of a busy retinal imaging suite. 

E3 description and specifications



The E427-i  provides the highest resolution possible in color mydriatic fundus photography. 

E427-I description and specifications

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    MegaVision serves the Ophthalmology community through advanced retinal imaging technology, protocol specific cameras, and personalized service and support. Our low noise, high resolution CCD sensors and imaging systems are used extensively by leading ophthalmologists, retinal specialists and ophthalmic photographers in both clinical and research environments. MegaVision camera backs are used widely and improve mydriatic and non mydriatic imaging and fluorescein angiography with low noise designs, electronic shutters that replace mechanical shutters, compact packages, monochrome and color sensors and a wide variety of sensor configurations to cover every resolution requirement.
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