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MegaVision Imaging Products


The E2-i RIC is a 4 megapixel back which is optimized for use in fundus photography. 
It may be supplied in an OEM configuration that can be coupled, with appropriate relay lens optics supplied by the OEM, to a range of fundus cameras. 

It is also supplied with a MegaVision designed interface to the Topcon NW6S camera for use in diabetic retinopathy screening protocols requiring only a 45 deg field of view.   The E2-I RIC replaces the 2 field relay lens on the Topcon NW6S non-mydriatic fundus camera.  When supplied with sufficient light, the E2 provides at 45 deg equivalent resolution to a 30 deg field of view supplied with a lesser amount of light.

The E2 is recommended for protocols that require only one field of view and only a few images, as the increased light level required to illuminate the additional number of pixels in the E2 compared to those of the E1 will restrict the number high quality image captures in a non-mydriadic exam.

The E2-i includes a 15mm square, 2048 X 2048 pixel array with 7.4 micron pixels. The E2-i is available in range of mechanical configurations.   It is available in either monochrome or color.  

The E2-i is ideal for nonmydriatic Diabetic screening protocols that do not require 2 fields of view and where fewer images are captured for each eye.

A special adapter which eliminates the relay lens is provided for use with the Topcon NW6S.  The E2 RIC mounts in lieu of the relay lens, so the image is at the primary focal plane of the NW6S, thus improving reliability, lowering cost,  optimizing image quality and minimizing required light.

Lens adapters for both C-mount and Nikon F-mount are available for custom configurations.

E2-i-RIC Specifications


 Interline Transfer CCD

Pixel Size

 7.4 µm square

Max Resolution

 2048 (H) x 2048 (V)  ---  4.2 megapixels

Max Image Area

 15.1mm (H) X 15.1mm (V)  ---  21.43 mm diagonal


 3.25 Wide X 4 long X 1.5 deep

Note: Size does not include mating connectors and optics.




 Operating: 0-30C non-condensing


 -10-50C non-condensing


 Supplied through IEEE 1394 interface

 10-24 V DC Conforming to IEEE 1394 specification

 Nominal 6 watts, Max 8 Watts on read-down

Hardware Trigger input

 Input for trigger: 2-Pin Lemo Connector

Trigger on Low transition (TTL logic level)

Integration completes on return to high

Strobe Trigger output

 None for NW6S, optional PC connector, Nikon type with screw threads


 Single Green/Red LED


 Enabled and ready to capture


 Busy---not ready to capture


 60 dB at base gain

Live Focus

 Supported at all binning modes


 1X, 2X, 4X


  Monochrome or RGB Bayer pattern

User controls

 Power switch only. All controls through software


 Software controlled preamp with 4X range

Read down time

 .5 seconds (includes transfer to host computer) at 1X binning

Bits per color(mono)/total

 ADC: 12/48   File: 16/48

File Sizes

       RAW (.DNG)

Monochrome/Bayer:  8 megabytes (uncompressed, unpacked)

Color:Wheel:               24 megabytes            

Monochrome/Bayer:  < 4 megabytes, (typical, lossless compression)

       TIFF (Uncompressed)

4 megabytes mono  / 12 megabytes color at 8 bits/color

8 megabytes mono / 24 megabytes color at 16 bits/color


< 1 megabytes Mono / < 3 megabytes color visually lossless compression

Camera and Lens Adapters

 Topcon NW6S at primary focal plane,  Nikon F-mount, C-mount


 IEEE 1394, 400 Mbit/second (FireWire)

Host computer requirements

Operating System

 Windows Vista, XP, or  2K :  Professional  recommended


Recommended minimum: 800 X 480 for location, 1280X1024 for studio


Recommended minimum .5 GHz P4 for location,  2 GHz P4 for studio


Recommended minimum: .5 Gigabytes for location, 1 Gigabytes for studio

Disk Drive

8 Gigabyte unused