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The E1-i-RIC (Retinal Image Capture)  digital camera back is designed exclusively for non-mydriatic capture of retinal images with low power xenon flash illuminant. Typical camera backs used on non-mydriatic retinal cameras are not optimized for low light exposures and require a substantial amount of light to image the retina with good resolution.  This excessive amount of light exacerbates miosis, reducing the quality of subsequently captured images, increasing the difficulty for the ophthalmic photographer, prolonging the imaging session and obscuring early pathology. The RIC back balances the need for image resolution with the requirement that patient illumination be kept at an absolute minimum to prevent miosis.  The RIC back provides excellent dynamic range, high sensitivity, electronic shuttering, optimized resolution and MegaVision’s acclaimed retinal color rendering.  With the RIC back, MegaVision delivers another milestone in ophthalmic imaging leadership - raising the bar of image quality while lowering the barrier to broadly deployed non-mydriatic image capture for retinal disease screening, monitoring, and treatment.


  • Featuring high sensitivity, low noise, electronic shuttering, and optical filtration optimized for non-mydriatic retinal image capture, the RIC digital back is the ideal choice for critical, reliable , low-light retinal image capture.

  • Flexible trigger input and internal logic controllers facilitate interfacing to a wide range of host camera systems.  IEEE 1394 (FireWire) interface eliminates many support issues and eases integration  with host computer systems.
    A replete SDK, which supports MegaVision’s entire line of digital backs, enables rapid integration with custom image capture applications.  The SDK enables image capture, calibration, and processing.

  • MegaVision’s calibrated color development enables custom renderings to achieve optimum diagnostic quality.

  • Raw files may be saved in industry standard DNG format, and developed images may be saved in either TIFF or JPG.

  • MegaVision can also provide with the RIC back its award winning PhotoShoot capture application as an aid to application development, or as a stand-alone capture, assessment, and management software in its own right.

E1-i-RIC Specifications


 Full Frame CCD

Pixel Size

7.4 µm square

Max Resolution

 1600 (H) x 1200 (V) --- 1.92 megapixels

Max Image Area

 13.38 mm (H) X 9.52 mm (V)      16.42 mm Diagonal


 3.25” Wide X 4” long X 1.5” deep (8.3cm X 10.2cm  X 3.8 cm)

Note: Size does not include mating connectors and optics.


 14 oz.  (.4 Kg)


 Operating: 0-30C non-condensing


 -10-50C non-condensing


 Supplied through IEEE 1394 interface

 10-24 V DC Conforming to IEEE 1394 specification

 Nominal 4 watts, Max 6 Watts on read-down

Hardware Trigger input

 Input for trigger: 2-Pin Lemo Connector

Trigger 30msec after  Low transition (TTL logic level)

Integration fixed 30msec.  Optional: completes on return to high

Strobe Trigger output

 None standard, optional PC connector, Nikon type with screw threads


 Single Green/Red LED


 Enabled and ready to capture


 Busy---not ready to capture


 64 dB at base gain 


100---400 at 1X Bin, 500-4,000 at 2X Bin

Live Focus

 Supported at all binning modes


 1X, 2X, 4X


  Monochrome or RGB Bayer pattern

User controls

 All controls through software


 Software controlled preamp with 4X range

Read down time

 .25  seconds (includes transfer to host computer)

Bits per color(mono)/total

 ADC: 12/36   File: 16/48

File Sizes

       RAW (.DNG)

Monochrome/Bayer:  3.8 megabytes (uncompressed, unpacked)

Monochrome/Bayer:  <2 megabytes, (typical, lossless compression)

       TIFF (Uncompressed)

1.9 megabytes mono  / 5.76 megabytes color at 8 bits/color

3.8 megabytes mono / 11.52 megabytes color at 16 bits/color


< 1 megabytes Mono / < 1.5 megabytes color visually lossless compression

Host Cameras

 Topcon NW6S, others on request


 IEEE 1394, 400 Mbit/second (FireWire)

Host computer requirements

Operating System

 Windows Vista, XP, or  2K :  Professional  recommended


Recommended minimum: 1280X1024


Recommended minimum 1 GHz P4


Recommended minimum: 1 Gigabytes

Disk Drive

4 Gigabyte unused